OVID Health is pleased to announce the results of the 2023 Patient Partnership Index.


The Patient Partnership Index is a ground-breaking initiative from specialist health communications agency OVID Health.

The inaugural Patient Partnership Index was launched in May 2020, offering pharmaceutical and biotech companies an opportunity to showcase, benchmark and evaluate the quality of their communications and advocacy with patient groups.

The Index offers patient groups, pharmaceutical and biotech companies an opportunity to showcase, benchmark and evaluate the quality of their partnerships. The aim is to celebrate as many partnerships that meet the mark as possible so we can continue to raise the bar across the industry.



The Index will evaluate the highest standards, based on best practice, of partnerships in communications, advocacy, market access and uptake, clinical trials and R&D between pharmaceutical, biotech and patient communities.

Each company or patient group can submit up to three entries for in-market, regional or global projects. This includes patient advocacy, communications, public affairs, medical affairs, clinical trials and R&D partnerships. There are no costs involved – entering the Index is completely free for everyone.

In return for submitting entries to the Index, entrants will be recognised by industry and patient organisation peers, for their commitment to putting patients at the heart of their work.

“We are pleased to have worked with the UK Sepsis Trust for several years, supporting them to help people understand more about the effects of sepsis and to raise general awareness of this life-threatening condition through the influential campaign “Just ask – could it be Sepsis?”. We are proud to say our collaboration also achieved the honour of being awarded gold standard by the Patient Partnership Index 2020.”


All entrants will have the opportunity to profile their involvement with the Index through their own external and internal channels, and awards for GOLD, SILVER and FINALIST standard entries will be announced by OVID Health to celebrate those companies who both demonstrate and lead best practice in patient partnerships.


“We work hard to build trusted, transparent and lasting relationships with patient organisations, no matter how big or small, to help us understand what matters most to patients and their families……we value platforms such as the Patient Partnership Index which enable us to share our initiatives and learn of other important programmes helping to meet the needs of UK patients.”

Gaetan leblay, managing Director of janssen UK & Ireland