At our Patient Partnership Index 2022 panel discussion, ‘Empowering Tomorrow’s Patients’, we heard brilliant, positive examples of partnerships between pharma companies and patient organisations that were long-term and genuinely co-created, as well discussions on the importance of bringing patients together after the isolating and lonely experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s been great to see even over the past three years that best practice is becoming business as usual, but there’s so much more that can be done through impactful partnerships. We were delighted many of our GOLD and SILVER partnerships are leading the way, working together in agile and creative ways that we wouldn’t have considered possible a few years ago.  

You can see the full recording of the event, featuring our GOLD and SILVER standard companies alongside their patient partners and our panel of expert judges, here.

Patient Partnership Index 2021: What’s next for patient advocacy?

The Patient Partnership Index is an initiative with one key focus: to help create better partnerships between the pharma industry and patient communities. By building these relationships and engaging with patients, pharma will be able to deliver on its incredible promise and realise a better future for everyone.

So how should pharma partner with patients? To answer this, we hosted a free virtual event on patient partnerships on Tuesday 6th July, featuring the companies that achieved GOLD standard for their entries to the Index, alongside their patient partners and our panel of expert judges. You can watch the full recording of the event here.

Patient Partnership Index Conference 2020

The 2020 virtual conference took place on Wednesday 7th October, hosted by OVID Health, and featured leading figures from the pharma industry and patient organisations in the UK in lively and insightful discussion across two panel events.

If you weren’t able to attend the conference on the day, we are now pleased to be able to share the recording of the conference online.

Panel 1 – Innovation and Impact: lessons and ideas from the Patient Partnership Index 2020.

Speakers: Nicole Farmer (Sanofi Genzyme), Dr Giancarlo Notarianni (Intercept Pharmaceuticals), David Martin (MS Trust), Richard Davidson (Sarcoma UK), Selina McKee (PharmaTimes), Jill Pearcy (ABPI), Robert Mitchell-Thain (PBC Foundation)

Panel 2 – Engagement and Empowerment: how to create partnerships of equals.

Speakers: Amanda Cunnington (Janssen), Dr Natalie Bohm (Pfizer), Dr Leena Sathia (Gilead Sciences), Sarah Sleet (Crohn’s & Colitis UK), Dr Ron Daniels (UK Sepsis Trust), Jenny Ousbey (OVID Health), Denis Onyango (Africa Advocacy Foundation)

Full Conference

Speakers: As Above, plus Keynote Speaker Jess Mills (Tessa Jowell Foundation)

If you have any questions about the event or the Index, please contact us on or look at our FAQs for further information.