Our FAQs provide some additional information to help you plan and develop your Index entry. If you have a question that’s not answered in these FAQs, then please email us at:


How many entries can I make?

Partners are able to enter up to three entries overall, showcasing patient partnerships at a UK or Above Country level. These can be all UK partnerships, all above country partnerships, or a mixture of the two. Entries can be submitted by the company or patient organisation involved in the partnership. Entries must be made in the English language. It is your responsibility to get the permission of the other partner(s) involved before submitting.

What areas of focus are being considered for patient partnerships?

Patient advocacy, communications, and market access as well as clinical trials and research and development projects can be submitted to the Index.

Can I enter the Patient Partnership Index 2023 if I entered in previous years?

Yes you can! Entering in one year will not stop you from being allowed to enter the next year. In fact, you.might find a previous entry has strengthened over time and so it may even be the same project!

When do entries for the Patient Partnership Index 2023 close?

Entires for the 2023 Patient Partnership Index close at 5pm on Friday 26th May.

Is there a fee to enter the Patient Partnership Index?

No. The Patient Partnership Index is run by OVID Health to celebrate and recognise best practice partnerships between biopharmaceutical companies and patient organisations.

Who can enter the Patient Partnership Index?

Any biopharmaceutical company or patient organisation who has had a partnership(s) in the last two years, in the areas of patient communications, engagement or advocacy, either in country or at an above country level (for example, globally or in a global region), can enter the Index.

Who evaluates entries to the Patient Partnership Index?

GOLD, SILVER and FINALIST standards will be awarded by a panel of expert judges using a bespoke metric developed in partnership with industry and patient organisations.

Can I submit a project that has ended, or one that is currently underway?

Yes. The communications and advocacy partnership project with patient organisations you use in your entry must be in progress or ongoing, or have ended in the last 2 years.

Can I make a joint submission to the Patient Partnership Index?

Yes you can. We actively encourage joint submissions from life sciences companies and the patient organisation they have partnered with.

If more than one company or patient organisation have collaborated on a project, please submit the entry under the name of the lead organisation or the Secretariat.

Can a third party enter on our behalf?

We only accept entries from partners who have participated in the project, and cannot accept entries from those representing these partners, for example agencies.

Can I update my Patient Partnership Index entry once it’s been submitted?

You can update the patient organisation testimonial part ONLY. This update will have to be submitted via email. Please note that though we accept updated testimonials, we cannot guarantee these updates will be made.

However, in the case of genuine administrative errors, we will allow updates on a case-by-case basis.

How will you use our data and protect confidential information?

Your data will be used by OVID Health (a trading name of Ovid Consulting Ltd) any direct contractors/subsidiaries for the purposes of administering and promoting the Patient Partnership Index.

Award entries will be shared with the judging panel, but we will not sell or share your data with any third parties. Additionally, you may opt-in to receive other information from OVID Health from which you can unsubscribe at any time.

By entering you allow OVID Health to use your award submission, logo(s), image(s), organisation information, and any other materials submitted in conjunction with the Patient Partnership Index. This may include publishing online or in print, as well as editing, re-use and dissemination on social media. We will not publish your contact details without your permission.

Entries remain the intellectual property of the company submitting them.

The Index is a good faith effort to award excellence in patient partnerships, not a data harvesting exercise. If you have any questions, please email us.

I’m having difficulties entering the Patient Partnership Index – who do I contact?

For technical help use the email address at the top of this page.

What additional material can I supply to support my entry to the Patient Partnership Index?

No additional supporting information will be shared with the judging panel.

How will entries to the Patient Partnership Index be ranked?

Entries will not be ranked. Entries that meet the highest standard will be awarded a GOLD standard and entries that are close will receive a SILVER. Entries that are included in the Index will be awarded FINALIST standard.

Will my entry to the Patient Partnership Index be evaluated anonymously?

Judges will be able to see the names of companies and patient organisations involved in the project. Judges will sign a confidentiality agreement that prevents them from discussing entries outside of the judging sessions nor share any of the materials submitted. Judges who declare a conflict of interest in relation to a company’s entry will not judge those entries.

Some parts of entries may be commercially sensitive but only the judges (and PPI team) will see the entries and will not publish any sections of your entries marked ‘commercially sensitive’.

Who runs the Patient Partnership Index?

The Patient Partnership Index is a partnership between OVID Health (a trading name of Ovid Consulting Ltd) to celebrate and recognise best practice partnerships between biopharmaceutical companies and patient organisations. You can find out more about us via the Contact page on this website.

Can we use the Patient Partnership Index entry and results in our marketing?

Yes. We will provide you with graphics if you are awarded GOLD, SILVER or FINALIST standard, and even just for entering!