OVID Health Announces PPI 2023 Judges

It’s hard to believe we’re already approaching the end of March, which means the Patient Partnership Index 2023 is right around the corner! With the entries spilling in, we’re delighted to announce the panel of judges who will be sitting alongside Jenny Ousbey, Founder & CEO at OVID Health.

Spanning across a range of therapy areas from sickle cell disease and diabetes to the Executive Chair of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), the judges at this year’s table bring a wealth of experience but most importantly, understand the dynamics of what makes a fantastic patient partnership. Without further ado our 2023 judges are:

Louise Fish, CEO, Genetic Alliance

“I am excited to be a judge at this year’s Patient Partnership Index. The best possible outcomes for patients can be achieved when we build strong partnerships across the life sciences sector. I look forward to seeing what fantastic work my colleagues have done this year.” 

Colette Goldrick, Executive Director, ABPI

“I am thrilled to be joining the judging panel for the Patient Partnership Index on behalf of the ABPI for a second time. Last year I was delighted to see how partnerships measured the impact of their efforts, and I am sure the 2023 entries will set the bar even higher. The industry is becoming more informed by the needs and experience of the patient community, and I am proud to be on the journey to transform patients from ‘beneficiaries’ to partners.” 

Chris Askew, CEO, Diabetes UK

“I am delighted to be a judge for this year’s Patient Partnership Index. I am really excited to see best practice within this space and contribute to the learning and development of equitable projects between industry and patient organisations for strengthened health outcomes.” 

John James, CEO, The Sickle Cell Society

“Being a judge for the 2023 PPI awards is a fantastic opportunity to engage with best practice within the space of stakeholder collaboration and raise the profile of the incredible work between industry and patient groups. I am particularly excited to see entries not just from the UK. It’s interesting to see how our colleagues across the whole of Europe and the rest of world are building partnerships, and how this will shape the insights gathered.” 

And of course, Jenny Ousbey, Founder & CEO, OVID Health

“If you told me 4 years ago we would now be in our 4th year of doing the PPI, I’d have been surprised but delighted! As an agency who takes pride in our patient-centric communications and advocacy work, the PPI has become an integral part of our work and day-to-day, helping to attract both employees and clients and putting our agency on the map!

Patients are always, and will always be, at the heart of what we do. The PPI has provided companies with a fantastic opportunity to share best practice on how to engage with patient organisations, and this year we’re delighted to be joined by four esteemed judges with a wealth of experience. So, will you get our gold standard this year? Register today!”.  

The voice of patients has never been bigger and their value has never been greater. The robust cooperation between patient groups and pharmaceutical companies has been at the heart of the Patient Partnership Index since 2019 and is what we continually aim to showcase.

If not now, then when? And if not you, then who? We’re excited for the biggest year yet of the Patient Partnership Index and look forward to the valuable insights our 2023 panel of judges will bring. Don’t hesitate to enter today, entries are still open!